Saturday, June 28, 2014

Making happy mail again!

I've been working on Happy Mail again.  Oi, what a process to make for three lovely people that mailed Happy Mail to me!  I just love working on it.

I was out of almost everything except cut-out circles.  =)  These are the last items I made for each one:

I hope everyone has an Art weekend.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Just playing with my new stencils and found out to not wash out the paint in the pouncer, but to press really hard to use it.

Today I was playing with the new stencils I received in the mail friday.  Love them.  Made some tags, or papers to cut up and use elsewhere for happy mails.

 Above I havent edged them yet still playing.  I wanted more so I kept going with another stencil by stencil1.pochoir1.plantilla1  via Plaid Folkart.  First I just stenciled all over most of the darker tags with a lighter paint.
 Then, when i was almost done and running out of paint in the dauber, I noticed that pressing the dauber down very hard and twisting forced the older colors in it to the paper!  I pressed HARD and turned the dauber and....
 got these beautiful center flowers.  I just love them love how they look and now have something to do with all that left over paint in the dauber.  Usually just smear it on the under papers, not pretty like this!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A play day and a little ATC I painted in Monet impressionistic style.

Well today was a play day.  YaY!  I was watching this YouTube video and just had to stop it and make a Monet style, impressionistic on an ATC card that I will mail in a little journal I made (my first scrapbook style ever) as happy mail.  I hope he likes it, as I had so much fun painting it.  Now I will paint a larger one for me.

This is the first page of the little journal.  I made the graphic from happy mail I received yesterday from a beautiful woman in Australia.  This is for a nine year old boy, I hope he still enjoys jumping in mud puddles!

 This is what the little journal looks like expanded.  The clips allow it to be clipped in a spine or other journal.  Cute idea, but the original YouTube dimensions turned out to be too small for my needs.  I did make it much bigger and added in a landscape section which was fun.  You can see the video for it here

Monday, June 16, 2014

Last night a lovely woman in DLP asked if any would like to trade happy mail with her 9 year old twins, son and daughter.  She said her daughter is working on her own moleskin planner and her son is making his own art journal.  How sweet, huh?

Today I made them both happy mail and made these special items for them:

Yesterday I finished making this Secrets Journal following Terri Kahrs excellent tutorial  for my first Art Abandonment drop:

I didnt have any ribbons long enough so I cut off some a piece of beautiful stretchy lace for the closure.  I also didnt have any beads to fit over the heavy binding thread.  =(  Im sure who ever finds this will have fun putting new beads on it right away.

This is the inside front cover and first page.  I made a little tag for secrets and added a butterfly to the flip pocket.  The butterfly is on a spring so it flutters.  

On the left under the tag you can see the small erasable board I made.  The board has a magnate so is removable for writing front and back. 

This is the inside front pocket.

Blank pages.

I opened the back up so there is also an usable pocket there too.  I put several pieces of papers, words, icons, etc, like happy mail in both the front and back pockets.

I had a ball making this, and will drop it off soon as i get the info printed out at the library.  I hope it finds the perfect someone and they will enjoy spending time painting, drawing, and journaling in it.