Saturday, June 13, 2015

Summer of Color

Last year I joined a group called summer of color.  This is the first week's challenge:

Blue + Blue + Green.

Bellow is a paper i make, and i love it.  Im actually addicted to using it.

I made this small drawer set for sequins from the tiny matchbox's and covered it with this paper, not on the back or bottom.  I can easily push the tiny drawers out from the back.  Love it.  Will make more.

The first time I used it was to make a happy mail tag.  I turned the heart flowers into balloons.

So I decide to use those three colors to try to make this same design using the same techniques.

Sorry they are sideways!  The one on the top needs a mermaid on it!  The one on the bottom, im not sure how it will turn out..

I made this ATC and holder from the third section of the original full page.  Its called 'Yesterday's dreams are todays realities'.  

Obviously, it all needs more art.  I really enjoyed this first week.


  1. I added your post - then your original one showed up - strange but true - you're set, thank you! Kristin xo

  2. I love how you used the first week's SOC colors! And thank you so much for showing us how you did it, too! HUGS!!!

  3. lovely design and shades for this week's challenge!

  4. Oh you are all so kind, thank you for your support!