Saturday, April 26, 2014

I was posting about keeping plain and painted tissue paper ready for use in my journal, and then thought wow, I need to make some tissue paper stickers too.  

I started by spraying white tissue paper with homemade spray inks, in blue, neon orange and neon pink.  Then i used my finger to make some pale blue circles and add a swish of yellow sparkly paint.

Then I sprayed again with blue and pink.  Then added some white and pearl pink circles from tp tube and paint cap.  Next I mixed a lot of water with some black paint, using a tooth pick, and just used the tooth pick to splatter over it all.

Dried it and then cut the piece in half, as I noticed i loved the off side more than the right side.  The off-side showed the first layer of spraying on top of the circles, very pretty.

Next I mixed 2 parts white glue with one part vinegar.  I just used an oatmeal lid i had available.  Painted one coat on the off-side for the right side stickers and the right-side for the off-side stickers.  =)

After allowing it to dry... with my hair dryer, lol, I cut out the circles and then used a punch to cut some flowers.  My inexpensive punch didnt care for the thin paper so I cut up the pieces and put in a labeled bag.

All done and ready for inspiration!  I took a tiny piece, licked it and stuck in my calendar, it is so cool.  It all but vanished leaving only the colors, very fun to use and fast and easy to have on hand.

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