Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The last few days, ive been a bit dumpy.  I think perhaps the dark weather and winds may finally be getting to my spirit.  I decided to do nothing.  Not a single thing!

But then I created some more circles for DLP happy mail.  That led to finding a jar to put them in, and something to keep the jar from sliding around so much.  I was afraid the cats would break it.  Soooo.....

That led to using shelf liner for a stencil.  I thought I could also cut some up to make designs.  A wonderful creative person mentioned she used to put some on a block to use to stamp textures!  I was off and running:

Above is water soluble sprays through the liner.  Below is more of the same, but less of the sprays.  I love the one above!

These are my fun projects, lol.  The heart is a great stamp, thank you Deborah Mattin for you fantastic idea!  I made the collage stamp, just for my Mothers page in my journal, for her birthday.  She would have loved it.

A few days ago I made these stamps from fun foam?  The kind with the sticky back.

I used a hot tool with various attachments that I got several years ago.  It was made by Walnut Hollow.  I used the stamps in both the pages bellow.

The hot tools are still available today, but seem a bit higher in price.  I got a close out of 3 each at 6$ I think.  My tool doesnt have a dial for changing the temp and I think was intended for ironing barbie doll size clothes, and stamping on velvet, when that was all the fad?

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