Thursday, July 10, 2014

Happy Mail Journal for all the lovely papers I just cant bring myself to use!

I've received some of the most beautiful papers in Happy Mail, and decided I cant use them.  So I made a little envelope journal from a happy mail envelope and used hair pins to put them in temporarily.

See that beautiful feather under the ribbons?  Thank you so much Anne Ryan.  I think I will put a tiny magnate on the backside and a washer inside the pocket and keep inside the journal, for safety.  But for now its where i can see it easily!

Some of the beautiful papers i have received.   You can see the hair pins at the top and bottom of the journal there. 

I put more of the special pieces inside both the front and back pockets.  I havent finished yet.  I will paint the inside and strengthen the flaps.  I do have some ideas for more decorations, but am stumped on what to paint on the inside.  Then Im adding one of the small pieces of paper to the back pocket flap and a magnate to keep it closed.  Can hardly wait!

This weekend I will be working on some shoes and different pieces of happiness to mail out.  I have so many ideas, I need more space!


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    1. Thank you, they really are. Sorry i didnt see this after you posted.

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    1. Thank you. Yes I really love it. I just received some more beautiful papers from the same person in happy mail just this last week. Again, she sent some papers i cannot bring myself to use. I have one on the wall now above my desk. Id love to paper the room with it! Sorry I didnt see this when you posted.