Sunday, June 22, 2014

Just playing with my new stencils and found out to not wash out the paint in the pouncer, but to press really hard to use it.

Today I was playing with the new stencils I received in the mail friday.  Love them.  Made some tags, or papers to cut up and use elsewhere for happy mails.

 Above I havent edged them yet still playing.  I wanted more so I kept going with another stencil by stencil1.pochoir1.plantilla1  via Plaid Folkart.  First I just stenciled all over most of the darker tags with a lighter paint.
 Then, when i was almost done and running out of paint in the dauber, I noticed that pressing the dauber down very hard and twisting forced the older colors in it to the paper!  I pressed HARD and turned the dauber and....
 got these beautiful center flowers.  I just love them love how they look and now have something to do with all that left over paint in the dauber.  Usually just smear it on the under papers, not pretty like this!

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