Monday, June 16, 2014

Yesterday I finished making this Secrets Journal following Terri Kahrs excellent tutorial  for my first Art Abandonment drop:

I didnt have any ribbons long enough so I cut off some a piece of beautiful stretchy lace for the closure.  I also didnt have any beads to fit over the heavy binding thread.  =(  Im sure who ever finds this will have fun putting new beads on it right away.

This is the inside front cover and first page.  I made a little tag for secrets and added a butterfly to the flip pocket.  The butterfly is on a spring so it flutters.  

On the left under the tag you can see the small erasable board I made.  The board has a magnate so is removable for writing front and back. 

This is the inside front pocket.

Blank pages.

I opened the back up so there is also an usable pocket there too.  I put several pieces of papers, words, icons, etc, like happy mail in both the front and back pockets.

I had a ball making this, and will drop it off soon as i get the info printed out at the library.  I hope it finds the perfect someone and they will enjoy spending time painting, drawing, and journaling in it.

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  1. Wow! What an awesome journal! I'm sure whoever found it, loved it!