Monday, May 19, 2014

Today I was making fun foam stamps for happy mail.  Last night i was outside making them but had to stop because it got to cold.  Before going inside to paint, i tried just pressing the hot tool attachments into the foam, then today checked to see if still there, and YES they were!

So you only need to push those attachments into the foam, no heat needed...

In this photo I used the little checkered attachment and made the little bricks for?  And while outside I noticed a box from long ago, and inside was that black roller.  I think its from a printer, there were two of them.

I didnt even clean it but ran inside to put some ink on it to see if it would make lines.. and yes it does, im so happy.  I dont own anything to make rows of narrow spaced lines for journaling on!!!

You can see the stamp on the far right side, with black ink on it.  I also tried using watered down craft paint.  Love my new stamp, i see lots of castles ahead!

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