Saturday, May 31, 2014

Today I was working on my stamp and stencil book binder?  and realized I could show you how I turned 1$ into 16+ stamps =) .

I purchased this 8 stamp set at my local dollar store.  Sorry, I already pulled them all out of the package before I thought to get some photos of them.

It came with 4 flowers and a butterfly, lady bug, bee and dragonfly.  I realized I could use the bottom of the stamp as a separate stamp too, and very carefully, peeled the top part away from the bottom part.

As I peeled the top off some tiny bits of foam stayed on the bottom layer.  I used the edge of my fingernail to gently rub most of them off, but found I could also use a fingernail file to lightly sand the layer too.

After I had them apart, if there wasn't enough sticky already on them to stick to my protector sheets, I just put a dab of Aleene's tack it over and over on the back.

I purchased two of these packages, because Diamond Lil found she loved to chew on some when they were on the table waiting to be used.

So, you can see above on the left the remnants of flower stamp that I cut the chewed parts off?  I can use it in a straight line for straight edges, or use it curved.    

Now I can first stamp the bottom of the stamp, then stamp the top of it on the same spot, creating instant shadow, or whatever.  I will put the peeled off tops on some 'found' clear packaging acetate for better registration.

The dollar store had 3 other types of stamp sets too, beach, animals, and princess.  I found them in the kids area on a peg.

Happy stamping =)

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