Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tutorial for Georgia Hall =)

Well, I'll try this tutorial for Georgia Hall on DLP.  My little camera can do video, but not sound.  I havent tried to set it up to do a vid tut, just yet.  Perhaps one day soon Ill try it.

I always apply 1, but usually 2 coats of medium to my pages.  It allows mistakes to be removed, kind of.

 This is what I used, homemade alcohol sprays, medium, and craft paints, and some of my stencils.

A circle from my stash, glue stick, sharpie pen, and the sun stencil from my .99 package of stencils used to sprinkle powdered sugar on you coffee!

You can see in the above pics, i just sprayed the water soluble sprays on the paper in a random pattern.  I watched it for a bit and then sprayed some more.  There was a lot of liquid on the page, and i let it dry.

Then I glued my spot on and put the stencil down and used my finger to smudge yellow pearl paint on the rays.  You may be able to see in the pic below where some of the rays are changing color because they have liquefied the sprays underneath. 

At this point i realized the error of my ways,  =) and pulled the circle back off and stopped working on the sun.  

Instead I grabbed my little old bottle of blending medium, my antique white paint, a spray bottle of water and my homemade stamp.

I put a dab of all three on my wax paper, and using two fingers smooshed it altogether into a smooth slurry.  Then I smeared it on my stamp and started stamping all over my page.  I waited for a bit to see how it looked.  

I hadnt used enough paint, for my liking, and added more to the slurry, and stamped away.

Below in the green area you can see the green combining with the off white.  Its happening in the blue areas too, but I put a lot of paint in the slurry, so its not showing as much.  But I love the off white spidering things that are happening.

Next, I put the circle back on and the stencil and using my fingers I smudged yellow paint on the rays and some on the center and then using my index finger (my middle finger couldnt get the angle right lol) I smudged some orange on just the same one side of all the rays and a bit in the center.

I love sparkle, I believe we need to 'Sparkle Every Day', so I after the previous layers were dry I added some yellow sparkle paint.

I actually had my stencil upside down this time and ... well the rays got a bit wonky.  =)

And finally I added some pen work to the sun and its all finished!

I hope this helps out a bit and you could understand the process.  Good luck with your adventure and contact me in DLP if you need more information.  Im always happy to help!

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